Workshop training

Ideal for organizations or teams that are looking to create a program of work to execute, or just looking to explore various marketing or sales options before committing to wider resources. This is built to be lean and focused as the core of this service.



  • Save time (short and sharp)
  • Develop acute focus
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Explore problems to better solutions

Ideal for:

  • Campaign/execution
  • Marketing ideation
  • Customer experience enablement
  • Marketing channel strategy (i.e. social media or content marketing)
  • Initial product/marketing discovery
Kick start your next strategy on the right foot!

Immersive marketing strategy

Tailored for organizations that are developing a more in-depth digital strategy that requires research and analytics, in addition to peer review and recommendations on resource management, platform audits and processes.



  • Solid digital market entry approach
  • Independent contribution
  • Leverage external resourcing
  • Forward planning

Ideal for:

  • Peer review (compliance)
  • Market entry strategy
  • Channel execution strategy
  • Campaign execution
  • Media strategy
  • New product or service development
Immersive strategy development
Andrew Tran Services - execution

Campaign execution & management

Looking to scale up your marketing operations, and need an experienced resource to execute and optimize their marketing campaigns?


Experience in:

  • CMS operations (WordPress, SilverStripe and Drupal)
  • Analytics – Google, GTM & Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst,
  • Hotjar Analytics & Optimizely – Split A/B and MVT
  • Wireframe design (Sketch)
  • Email production builds
  • SEO technical and content marketing



  • Years of experience from multiple industries across multiple countries
  • Cross-culture experience
  • Campaign optimization and improvement
  • Post implementation reporting

Ideal for:

  • Campaign overflow (web, social and email)
  • Campaign reporting
  • Campaign optimization and recommendations

Better habits. Better results!

Built for the new digital marketing and sales norm, and designed through experience – TRY the FREE mini-course today!.

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