Workshop training

Ideal for organisations or teams that are looking to create a program of work to execute, or looking to explore marketing options before committing to wider resources. Lean and focussed is the core of this service.



  • Save time (short and sharp)
  • Develop acute focus
  • Cross-team collaboration

Ideal for:

  • Campaign/execution
  • Marketing ideation
  • Marketing channel strategy (i.e. social media or content marketing)
  • Initial product/marketing discovery

Immersive marketing strategy

Tailored for organisations that are developing a more in-depth digital strategy requiring assistance on research and analytics, in addition to peer review and recommendations on resource management, platform audits and processes.



  • Independent contribution
  • Leverage external resourcing
  • Forward planning

Ideal for:

  • Peer review (compliance)
  • Market entry strategy
  • Channel execution strategy
Immersive strategy development
Andrew Tran Services - execution

Campaign execution & management

Looking to scale up your marketing operations, and need an experienced resource to execute and optimise their marketing campaigns?


Experience in:

  • CMS operations (WordPress, SilverStripe and Drupal)
  • Analytics – Google, GTM & Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst,
  • Hotjar Analytics & Optimizely – Split A/B and MVT
  • Wireframe design (Sketch)
  • Email production builds
  • SEO technical and content marketing



  • Years of experience from multiple industries
  • Campaign optimisation and improvement
  • Post implementation reporting

Ideal for:

  • Campaign overflow (web, social and email)
  • Campaign optimisation and recommendation

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