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#communication #sales #leadership


How communication is so important when it comes to improving your sales and closing your deals. My next guest is Ravi Rajani, a business and sales coach based in the United Kingdom.

#sales #b2bselling #advice

My next guest is David Masover, he’s a 30-year veteran of B2B sales, has written several books and eBooks mostly around sales process and management effectiveness, hosts a podcast called Driving B2B Sales Revenue and works as an independent sales coach and consultant.

#travel #ASEAN #tourism

Hannah Pearson is the director of Pear Anderson, a research and sales representation tourism consultancy specializing in the Southeast Asian and Muslim tourism industry. We discussed predictions and tips for tourism and serviced based businesses on how they can pivot and survive during this times.

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#transformation #management #change


My next guest is Friska Wirya she is an experienced change management expert and principal at Fresh By Friska. We talked about the importance of change management in the workplace and common mistakes brands make.

#creativity #leadership #vietnam

My next guest is Chris Catchpole, Executive Creative Director for DDB and Tribal Worldwide.

Our conversation talks about his career, why he’s in Vietnam, his thoughts around the creative space in Asia and what creates repeat business in the cut throat side of Agency-life.

#leadership #boxing #fightgame


My next guest is Mike Altamura, he’s a boxing manager, talent scout, writer, podcaster with his show, The Fight Game. We talked about adversity and applying the fighters mentality to your business.

#leadership #communication #asia


My next guest is Winnie Lam COO for Colliers International, Vietnam. We touched on her career, and got right into speaking about communication, leadership and development and how that’s different between East and West.

#leadership #marketing #asia


My next guest is Steve McGinnes, author, strategy consultant, commentator, speaker and currently running his consultancy, Hummingbird Group from Singapore.

#marketing #strategy #tips #COVID


So today I wanted to do a different episode, and focus on a particular industry and just highlight a few guests with their wise words.


I’ll share a number of clips from past episodes that I think will help. Would love to get your thoughts if you agree.

#communication #leadership #productmarketing


My next guest is Aaron Foo, he is currently the Head of Product Strategy for iCar Asia, and co-author of Habitudes – 21 Days to Change Your Life.


We talked around his career as a product strategist, adversity, leadership, and tips on effective communication to deliver and execute.

#leadership #marketing #adversity


My next guest is Shankar Rajagopal. He is currently the CEO of Mindshare Vietnam, which is a media agency that’s part of GroupM, which is the world’s largest advertising media company. We talked about leadership, marketing, Asia and resilience.

#contentmarketing #linkedin #branding


My next guest is Thomas Elliott, a visual content expert, an artist, filmmaker, creative director, and influencer with over 96,000 followers on LinkedIn!

We dived into content marketing and personal branding and how he got to 96,000 followers and tips he shared around growing your branding through visual content.

#resilience #leadership #workplace


My next guest is Heidi Dening, she’s a speaker, author and educator from Sydney, Australia.

Our conversation takes us into her career in education and development, what makes people resilient and why it’s so important to build resilience.

#content #marketing #smallbusiness


On this episode I speak to Nick Bendel, a professional digital marketer, specialising in content development for small and medium-sized businesses. We dived into his mindset as a communication expert and open up on some tips around creating content that’s relevant, regular and offers value to your audience.

#startups #vietnam #southeastasia


My next guest is Nghia(Vince) Vu, an entrepreneur, advisor, investor and partner for various startups in the Vietnam ecosystem.

#mastery #communication #influence #vinhgiang


On this episode Vinh Giang, international keynote speaker, communication and influence expert drops by to discuss how leadership and management can benefit from communication training to improve their businesses and bring direction to inspire their workforce.

#startups #interview #success


My next interview guest is Jonathan Chak. He’s a talented entrepreneur with an amazing story that will inspire you to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit.

#socialmediamarketing #personalbranding #garyvee


My next guest is String Nguyen. She’s a creative storyteller, LinkedIn influencer and professional branding specialist.

#storytelling #branding #advertising


In this latest edition to my interview series, I sit down and chat with Mark Pickering, creative strategist and APAC business director for Chimney with over 20 years of experience in the brand marketing and advertising industry.

#motivation #smallbusiness #resilience

In the latest episode, I had a chat with best-selling author, entrepreneur, a performance and motivational coach and fellow business growth strategist, Jairek Robbins on his work, managing yourself through the global effects from COVID-19 and a lifetime of knowledge stacking.

#facebook #marketing #advice #strategy


On this episode, I have a chat with digital strategy director, South-East Asia marketing expert, commentator, keynote speaker and judge, Oliver Woods.

#facebook #marketing #advice #tactical

A recent interview with Wes Jackson, owner & founder of Omega Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Vietnam. In this interview, Wes shares his challenges and opportunities in the midst of this global situation and offers tips for marketers to improve their advertising strategy.

#motivation #smallbusiness #strategy

For this particular episode, I had a quick chat with a mate of mine, AJ Kulatunga, a professional keynote speaker and coach. The knowledge he is dropping throughout the conversation opened up my eyes to the other sectors that have pivoted and riding the wave, essentially, making ‘lemonade out of lemons’.

#b2bsales #marketing #advice #strategy

On this episode, I’m taking a look at an article from Marketing Charts. It’s geared towards B2B buying habits, but the gems from this can actually be applied towards B2C brands – How to win more customers in B2B/B2C marketing

What is POV?

Andrew Tran Point of View Interview Series

Aimed at business professionals in leadership and management, Point of View (POV) is a web-series that interviews experts in their field to find out how they started their journey and provides practical tips that will help you improve your performance.


Guests come from a wide range of backgrounds from branding, marketing, advertising, design, to even leadership, management or professionals in motivation and coaching.


Each interview will add value by inspiring you to evaluate your products or services, and find ways to differentiate it in your marketplace whilst improving your customer experience.

Why do I do this?

The show started a way to highlight my point of view (hence POV) with 10+ years in the branding and marketing field. The format allowed me to speak on ideas and articles written by authors across the web.


It has since evolved towards discovering other experts and highlighting them to my community.


The goal is to explore a theme with my guest and to the audience, evoke a question:


How do I reach my business goals by improving my situation as a professional in my field?

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